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first u have to hate me before u can transcend into the kind of poster we need buddy. that is why u are here and i wait patiently in my web until it is time to administer my fangs into ur vulnerable little unwashed head. only then can u be free.
buddy i know ur hurting but i am sniderman and can see all rep so when u try and snide a snider it just makes me think i should CRUSH ur little centrist formby head in a slow and enjoyable manner. i urge u to change path and embrace niceness. have a beautiful day buddy.
Paul Rideout
Paul Rideout
@orly I love dogs, got one myself. When did I talk about dogs negatively. Or is this a metaphor again? Edit: I see you were taking a common phrase out of context
the sniderman
the sniderman
ur arteries shall be ur reckoning u pitiful vat of calories.
the sniderman
the sniderman
that was for goat not paul.
hi mate, I'm not good today , had to take my big fella to the vets for the last time today, gutted mate x
thats right buddy my milkshake brings all the murderers to the yard. i will CRUSH u in the name of juventus u disgusting cockroach.
hello buddy i am sending a small note to thank u for your services to CRUSHING punks. i see ur professional work and appreciate u. together we will win the war.
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