Z-cars sirens

Keep the z-cars sirens?

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Didn't get any of this on my feed and the crowd noise was turned right down too.


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Poll amended to include 'top six' games only.

Let's see if that changes the voting pattern ;)


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Don't get the top 6 shouts. There's been weeks this season were Bournemouth have been top 6 but Man Utd weren't. Or are we gonna have an established Sky Sports style top 6 and change it around from time to time in case Sky change their mind and it goes back to the Big 4?

Either all the time or just the derby. The Derby will always be The Derby....everything else is temporary.


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was better when the players used to run out at z cars, ready to get em, the opposing team wondering what Everton were rushing out for,,,,now it's a damp squib, they get us all hyped up and the players walk out as if they can't be arsed...get them running out again pushing past the referees to get out there...

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