Will Everton grow further as a club and Manchester United meeting their downfall?

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by chris198930, Apr 20, 2017.

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  1. chris198930

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    I'm fairly new to this forum and sometimes wonder what sort of future Everton and Manchester United may have.

    The things I understand regarding Everton and Manchester United are as follows:-

    1) That Everton are 1 of the top 4 North West clubs. The other 3 are Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City.

    2) Manchester United had a golden period under Alex Ferguson during 1986-2013, and both Everton and Manchester United had success throughout the 1960s-1989, but the Glazer takeover at Manchester United has been a problem from Manchester United's perspective and it will be interesting where they'll be in 2026 (13 years after Ferguson's titles and retirement). Alex Ferguson was partly responsible for the Glazer takeover, where in 2003 he went to court and took legal action against major shareholders John Magnier and JP McManus over the racehorse Rock Of Gibraltar. Roy Keane was right about this, and, he advised Alex Ferguson to back down in it.

    3) On the other hand, Tottenham Hotspur - Similarities to Everton in Liverpool where both of these have Blue and White in their club's colours, and a lack of investment and major youth development for potential growth and challenging for honours (League Title, FA Cup, League Cup, UEFA Cup or European Cup) up until recently in the 2010s, and Tottenham Hotspur have Mauricio Pochettino and possibly growing as a club when they move to the new White Hart Lane in 2018 at the very latest.

    In 15-20 years time, can Everton also realistically grow as a club, what with the new Bramley Moore Dock stadium built by 2022?

    Also, Manchester United, will they get asset stripped and their oversized Old Trafford stadium capacity reduced by appromixately 20,000-25,000 if it means Everton moving from a 35,000 seater to a 61,000 seater and a possibility of winning the league title?

    Manchester United were relegated in 1974 and brought the game into disrepute by invading the pitch before the game had finished, they were then promoted in 1975, lost the 1976 and 1979 FA Cup finals and missed out on the title in 1980. Everton were successful up until 1989, and a series of cup runs between 1995-2009. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Manchester United failed to make the top 10 in consecutive seasons, whereas Everton were more consistent and over the 30 years I have followed football both have been in the top 10 for much of the last decade (2008-2010s).

    Manchester United got to 7 or 8 FA Cup finals in 23 years, whereas Everton got to 3 FA Cup finals in 4 years during 1985-1989, and from 1990 onwards Alex Ferguson was lucky at Manchester United considering how poorly he did during 1986-1990 when he won nothing and how Manchester United became perennial overachievers with a bigger stadium than everyone else (Liverpool have caught up with Manchester United with expanding their stadium over 50,000, who are both the same size except 1 of them having a better domestic record and the other a better european record) and with football being a tough cut-throat business. Yes, I remember the 1995 Everton FA Cup final win which was shocking, as Manchester United weren't expected to lose. One of the similaries between Everton and Manchester United is attacking football (in the 1980s) and youth development.

    The real question is whether Manchester United will ever get to a level where they are a mid-table side like 1990s and 2000s Everton in a smaller sized stadium and Everton now getting to a level where they are a top 4 side?

    Based on what I see something has changed under successive owners or managers even since youth development came to fruition and a decent foreign manager in Ronald Koeman was hired.

    Bill Kenwright has done much to change the playing side - He's given us a team/squad we can be proud of.

    Under these owners, this season is an opportunity that him and the astute Koeman have spectacularly done well. Seasons of success and further growth after the new stadium by 2022.
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  2. The binman chronicles

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    And quite possibly last too. It's a nice collection of words but that is about it.

    Utd not downsizing. Football clubs used to have cycles of success and then would slip back while others had a turn. Hard to see that happening now when everything is stacked in a few clubs favour to keep them at the top of the tree.
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  3. Chunky Frankfurter

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    Someone has enjoyed 4/20.
  4. Welcome to the forum, but if you want thoughtful considered responses you might want to cut down on the post length.

    Even then you might have trouble getting anything insightful from the vast majority!
  5. SerenityNigh

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    Errthing go in cycles, no doubt bout that.

    United are probably going to have trouble replicating their past 20 years of success, but they won't shrivel away.
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  6. Sharpys top lip

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    Sorry bud, be arsed reading all that. Got to 1st bit and jibbed it. If you post more than 20 words I'm not reading it....

    Twitter world mate....
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  7. Big Neville Southall

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    I don't get that bit sorry?
  8. The Cowboy

    The Cowboy Player Valuation: £70m

    If anyone is heading downwards is Arsenal. I fully expect Utd to be back amongst the title contenders next season.
  9. tommytowne

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    Kind of disagree. Arsenal along with Spurs and Chelsea part of the elite establishment and will remain so for the foreseeable.
    The London effect will always prevail.
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  10. degsy

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    Everton should grow - slowly...probably, hopefully not too slowly...and for that matter not too quickly either - softly, softly, catchee monkey.
    Untd are too big now and have too much momentum, though I doubt they'll have another Busby / SAF era anytime soon... most are lucky to have 1, nevermind 2.
    It will be a bad season for them if they ever fail to finish in the top 7, but if they do and don't address it early and properly, well sometimes these things can feed on themselves and - as I said, they might be Big, but nobody's too big to go down.
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  11. chrismpw

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    I read it all.
    A lot of oversight, a lot of questions.
    Who knows though. If we all knew the future, there'd be no point watching the game. It's the journey that's important.
  12. ijjysmith

    ijjysmith Calm

  13. CrustySack

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    In the context of stadiums, revenues, squads etc, the playing field between Arsenal, RS, Manu, ManC, Spurs and Chelsea has pretty much evened out at this point. Any one of those teams are capable of winning the league next season. The same can't be said of Everton at this moment in time. The gap between the haves and have-nots is I believe, on the cusp of becoming a chasm which will take a monumental effort and many years to bridge.

    There is one more seat on this gravy train and it looks like Everton have a ticket. It can't be emphasized enough just how close Everton were to being left behind to share slops with the likes of West Ham and Southampton etc. The appearance of Moshiri is timely to say the least and worthy of celebration.

    The stadium will be built and it will be great. It will elevate the club, no doubt about it. Our history and fanbase is up there with the best. What is of real importance is that we start qualifying for the Champions League. If we start doing that then within the next 3-5 years, we can truly be considered as equals to the other top clubs. It is all to do, but we have a great chance.
  14. lancs blue

    lancs blue Player Valuation: £20m

    until the stadium is built and the first whistle blows im not getting too excited. as for the 100mil transfer kitty, which has yet to materialise, it wont get us far with current prices.
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