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Moshiri knows absolutely nothing about football and listens to the likes of Joorabachin and others too much. Kenwright might be the only one that he listens to who might suggest a manager we actually want. (And a few we don't) but at least he'll want Evertonians on the shortlist.


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Been thinking about this all day today... I'll get the odd finger and get told to give my head a wobble.. do you know what I actually wouldn't mind Lampard.. Just something different, I get the big Dunc calls but sorry it's a big no from me. Martinez season 1 I loved but TBH once bitten twice shy and it just won't work...


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All good points and I wouldn't disagree too much.

My posting on Martinez right now is not to say he's the right man for right now - as you pointed out we need a defence rock solid and RM isn't the man yiu turn to in that respect. My posting is about the likelihood of Everton attempting to get him and whether an initial knock back will see them look elsewhere instead. I dont see it. I think they've identified RM and he's signalled he wants to come here. The Belgian's are looking for cash, that's all.

The issue is going to be whether Moshiri is prepared to eat humble pie. It's not often billionaires re appoint someone they have sacked previously.


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Looking at this drill is Dunc planning on playing 2 upfront on against Villa? Could be a ploy knowing the cameras are gonna be there.... I remember Holgate standing in a back 5 at Old Trafford but when the whistle blew he stepped in to midfield.



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How much influence on Wayne Rooney's management style would sir Alex Ferguson have had? Surely he must have learned a few things from him, and it cant really be denied how successful he was.

People question his level of experience, and weather uts 'too soon', but the more I think of it, the more it excites. He is a blue, passionate and driven. Hes also a winner, and wont stand for anyone not giving 100%.

It's a risk, but so would any of the managers who have been linked be, but if it works it could be a great appointment. It's about time we had some luck.
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