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Player Valuation: £8m
The question is what quality manager would be enticed by the current scenario we exist in: perennially mediocre standings, a horrendous squad, meddling naive shambolic ownership , a lackluster youth setup, an incredibly paltry transfer budget , an extensive team rebuild, an inept, inefficient DOF that lacks vision and a highly demanding fan base that are justifiably incensed. It's not exactly a promising proposition. The only draw I see is that they'll probably heave a lot of money at the next manager like they usually do.
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Player Valuation: £1m
Would he come with the team we have? Also have we got any youngsters that could step up. Plenty on here think our youth players are complete sh**e. I'd at least like them to be given a chance which just doesn't seem to happen. I'd like to think that he would come and not just see it as a poisoned chalice.
The chance for a big rebuild, make a name for yourself.
Chance to take a team into a new stadium.
Get it right and challenge and your a hero. Get it wrong, well it's Everton, what do you expect?
The job sells itself.


Player Valuation: £225k
Fonseca (although could be silva2)
Gallardo (Simone/biesla style manager)

Dark horse knutsen - bloke who beat mourinho 6-1, anyone who gets a team to score 6 goals against a mourinho side has to have something about them.


Player Valuation: £25m
It's a pointless comparison because we can;t attract the calibre of Tuchel. Apparently he was interested in us back in 2017, but that's by the by...

It's the same as when people screwed their nose up at Arteta because he wasn't Guardiola. It's the same as United fans who turned their nose up at every half decent attacker they had since 2009 simply because they weren't as good as Ronaldo.

We have to be realistic. We need to find a top manager before they establish themselves as a top manager. That takes bravery and conviction and moving on from the irrational obsession with experience.
I know we can't attract someone of tuchel's calibre. But what he did with that Chelsea side in such a short period of time, imo, shows how poor lampard is as a manager/coach.


Player Valuation: £25m
this thread is absolutely essential reading. Only then can it be understood the utter recklessness in demanding the head of a newly arrived manager after three months, to replace him with the list of utter [Poor language removed] on view here. I swear to god I even saw Rooney's name mentioned. But to be honest, that is the calibre of manager we would be looking at if we pulled the trigger. Him, or big Frank.
Christ alive.


Player Valuation: £40m
We should have brought Moyes in back when we had the chance. Now I am not sure who we will get. I mean, Big Sam would even be doing a better job at the moment.

I guess Potter would be a candidate.


Player Valuation: £25k
lampards had 2 seasons in management, the first proved nothing more than he isnt as good a manager as gary rowett, the second he struggled to get in the top 4 with a squad capable of winning the champions league. based on that, what on earth makes people think hes the man to turn around the sinking ship that we currently are? i dont like benitez, i would of never appointed him, but theres not 1% of me would replace him with lampard


Player Valuation: £750k
He won't get sacked. Nothing to spend, worst injury crises, worst acedemy. Disinterested selfish players, And you sack him? Who in his right thoughts would come anywhere near Everton manegement? Anyone who watches 90 mins of Everton knows it's completely down to the players.


Player Valuation: £40m
I'm more and more thinking we need to poach a championship overperformer

Coventey look good this season and the Gurning guy has Forest doing okay

Chris O'Connor

Player Valuation: £35m
I would literally have any manager before Benitez.

After yet another Rafä masterclass the question has to be asked, Is he still being paid by the reds?

(This editing so every mention of Rafä gets turned into Rafael is just juvenile and childish, you can't protect him, the mods on here have to grow up)

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