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Player Valuation: £80m
If you are a young player, you listen to this fella.
Cool as.



Player Valuation: £80m
Dunc as Interim I think is wise at least for the immedate. A little strange to say upcoming games but regardless this is the wisest decision in my point of view. I hope they would keep him on post the international break. If he is manager for say 4 or 5 matches I think he could leave with 7 points pre Man City on the 26th, possibly 9 (3 wins out of 4). At that point with 12 games to go I would be comforted him seeing out the rest of the year.

Your timeline would have the new manager coming in for the city game 😂 yeah great timing, get a new manager off to an absolute hammering straight away.

Simon Buttle

Player Valuation: £35m
How about Bielsa? Why arent they trying for that guy? Imo he would be perfect.
He is a fascinating individual if you research him and what he has done to influence the modern setup of teams/coaching is huge but ultimately his whole philosophy just doesn't really translate into an actual managerial career, it will sort of work for a season or two then die out because the players are dead on their feet.


Player Valuation: £80m
I know modern footie is cut throat and dog eat dog, (has been for years actually), but the romantic in me wants to see if Rooney can keep Derby up.

In other words, if we get him in, and they disappear, I would feel a bit sad. For a few minutes, granted.
We could loan them some good young players maybe ?
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