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Player Valuation: £40m
Think I’m done if they give it Martinez
Completely. I was out at a coaching conference in spain start of his 2nd season. It was preseason and he was implementing his possession based game. It was a big change from his energetic first season.

I remember watching training and mat hes and thinking to myself. No chance this will work at goodison. We dont have the players to actually play the style and it just doesnt fit how evertonians want their football to be played esp at goodison. I turned to a fairly well known coach at the end of a particular match and said this lad wont last 2 years.

It would be insane to bring him back in.


Player Valuation: £70m
I mean, Martinez showed what he could do but his stubborness is what cost him his job. He isn't an awful manager, two semi's and a season which normally gets 4th comfortably. There was always the potential for progress with Martinez but he did not learn from his mistakes while on the job. Martinez forme would be a good manaer with DOF who had full control of siging players to match the passing philosophy. However the alledged lack of set piece training while here would be a concern.

The big question for me, has Roberto Martinez learnt from his mistakes? I have faith he can get sides playing football I just would be wary of whether or not he is able to adapt to difference situations and utilise a plan B and plan C. As Interim I would see it as an okay move, give him an opportunity ot show he has learned from the past, while not commiting to anything from our point of view with the aimto review at the end of the season about how to move forward.

Would he get the best out of DCL? He's not strong in his general play for me and I cant help but feel Martinez'style would not suit him. On the flip side, I feel Richarlison, Gray and Gordon could really flourish.


Player Valuation: £70m
The thing i cant wrap my head around is that we sacked him before Moshiri's first transfer window.

So with that in mind, Kenwright must have advised Moshiri to sack him.

If we had kept Martinez and he'd spent £150mil to build the team up we'd probably have done quite well.

But to bring him in now, again with no money makes no sense whatsoever.
Nah BK never wanted Martinez gone and has lobbied for him at every chance in the last five years


Player Valuation: £90m
Keep the faith lads. We're nearly there.

Screen Shot 2022-01-16 at 18.13.43.png


Player Valuation: £70m
Arsenal….as in Iwobi?

Fair point!

But the point is when we played Brentford they were passing it around us in that first half, with a no-mark CB that had been playing for Northampton Town.

Our players can do it if the manager wants it.
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