Who should be captain against Burnley ?

Martin Alvito

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Dont think it makes any difference. Absolutely none of them stand out as a leader or motivator.
Wouldnt actualy mind lampard making a right statement of not naming a captain and saying not one of you deserve it.

The days of protecting these players has long gone.
He probably should tell them that he's holding onto the armband until one of them makes a good, solid tackle that doesn't result in a card. Then, he'll give that player the armband.

The way things have been going, Pickford will end up with it. Three games from now.


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One of the biggest games we’ve had in a LONG time on Wednesday.

I’m genuinely interested to think who GOT would have leading us into such a battle against an ale house team who will be all over us from the first whistle ??

Personally, Pickford or Richarlson for me..

Same. so many teams have young captains or unusual choices, and I think just putting on a senior, english speaking captain doesn't have to be the way. Pickford & Richarlison are moody and angry but i think we need their leadership. (hopefully they turn out to be good leaders)


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I think the captaincy has very little relevance outside of guessing a coin toss. It's don't even think it's about leadership, Iwobi didn't let a 5 yard daisy cutter run under his foot isn't because he's not a leader, it was because he's an abomination of a footballer. As is just about every other player in our squad.

Our main problem isn't an attitude issue, it's a talent problem. We have absolutely pathetic footballers on our books, they could have all the leadership qualities in the world and it wouldn't make a jot of difference. Burnley have a lot of strong characters in their team and they're even worse than us because their team is hideous.

People need to stop kidding themselves that we have quality in this team, it's bloody April and we haven't even averaged a point per game, we can't score and we can't keep them out. Just a pathetic team.


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I think in a good team the captain is less important - I dont know if it's sterling, De Bruyne or Gundogan at Man City - but when the team's bad, and when it looks like there is no communication and coordination, the leader is very important. Big teams have got several 'big players' who look like they're talking, fighting and communicating. That's what we're missing unfortunately.

Papa Shango

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If Coleman has just been ill there's a realistic chance he's back. If not I'd be seriously thinking about giving it to Gordon. Can understand the argument for Richy but I think you probably need a captain with a better command of English for their duties.
As long as he can say heads or tails he will be fine.
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