Whats yer stance on the new boss?

Up for it or nah or meh or gth out my club?

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Could be a complete disaster, could be a stroke of luck. I fear his lack of ability to set up a defence could further cause problems. Hopefully he has learned lessons though. Needs to get going asap.


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I’m happy with Frank. Hopefully he is still here in 2 years, and several of our wage thieves/ average players aren’t. I think he could build us into a decent team, given time, that he never got at Chelsea. Just keep us up this season and start to develop our team to be good in future years.


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Cautiously optimistic. Seems like a young, hungry manager who is eager to learn, much like Moyes when he first came in. I just hope that he is also bringing someone with him that knows how to organize a defense and train on set pieces, as we are a disaster in that department. Really hope we get it right this time, very sick of a new manager every year


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He's the first manager who is not on the way down career-wise and doesn't come with a load of baggage. The only one who did fit that was Carlo but RM came calling. We were never going to stop him leaving for them. If Frank gets this right it will be great for us and for him. We also have the stadium coming and who wouldn't want to be managing a team on the up in the best stadium in the world. (That's if it doesn't sink in to the quick-sand on completion).


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I'm hopeful that it'll be at least two months before every thread in the forum turns into a pillowfight between pro- and anti-Lampard factions.

The Benitez tenure taught us that no thread is safe from hysterics.


Player Valuation: £750k
I'm happy with this. He seems eager to get started, i am optimistic that he will be able to do enough to keep us up. We will then see what he is capable of next season with more of his own players in place.


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Of all the manager candidates that were available to us this time around, I think Frank stood out as the one least likely to cause people to moan, disagree and wet the bed about in such numbers. In other words, the least divisive.
The glass is half full for me, as opposed to completely empty and shattered with the likes of the previous bloke.
Have we not been crying out for a young, ambitious, non-dinosaur type manager for ages? Well, we have one now, so let's get behind him.


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In the middle about Lampard. He hasn't done much to prove himself yet imo.

Happy with his team. Paul Clement is an outstanding coach though. Didn't quite do it as a manager himself, but will bring a lot to our set up.
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