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Weird bit in that around the 4minute 50 second mark!

Ball goes out for what looks like an Everton corner on the right, but instead Everton take a “quick” free kick just inside the penalty area, so if it was a free kick why wasn’t it a penalty?
Slightly before my time, but was there another rule in play at the time?
Answers on a postcard to ………..
Obstruction if deemed to be by the referee was an indirect free kick in the penalty area .....usually led with 11 men on the goal line......an indirect free kick the ball had to be passed short before it could be taken ..... obstruction of this type of foul was also given anywhere on the pitch ......with one taker having to pass it to another to take that type of freekick which was named indirect free kick .......
Now not in the rule book .......

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