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Player Valuation: £90m
So waiting for the new vibrac loan to come through then maybe we can get a loan or two.

Hoping its just the usual bobby talking a bit of waffle and being coy, doubt it though

Hong Kong Phooey

Player Valuation: £8m
Not sure why people are buzzing so much about McAleny vs Swindon. It was pre-season and it was Swindon... do it in the league then buzz. We need a striker.
We do, we also badly need a centre half and a play maker so that's three positions that need strengthening not the two that Martinez mentioned.

Striker is a big concern though, if Lukaku gets injured we're well and truly in the brown stuff!


Player Valuation: £2.5m
If he really is leaving it till the last mo then it prob is lennon on his mind, he’s already fitted in with the squad so thats not a prob + by then the price will of massively dropped, cos levy doesnt want to be going in to the new season with him still on the books, then again levy is such a stubborn muppet he’d prob rather stick him in reserves then b made a fool out of! tho i do hope thats all wrong + he got a nice suprise waiting to join up!

Hong Kong Phooey

Player Valuation: £8m
I'd swerve Lennon now we've got Deulofeu. Martinez says he wants to strengthen in two areas.

Centre half is obviously one, is right wing the other that needs strengthening?

I'd be amazed if he ignored a "number 10" and striker and strengthens the right wing when he's just brought Deulofeu to play there!

McGeady doesn't sound like he's going anywhere anytime soon either.

Ok he's not popular, but he's still a right wing option.

Another right winger is surely not on the agenda for strengthening.


Player Valuation: £35m
We do, we also badly need a centre half and a play maker so that's three positions that need strengthening not the two that Martinez mentioned.

Striker is a big concern though, if Lukaku gets injured we're well and truly in the brown stuff!
Get Cahill back if we need a striker.... As long as his Jatz Crackers are ok...


Player Valuation: £25m
Think it was pretty evident last season how much we missed Pienaar or, more specifically, the type of invention in the final third that Pienaar gives us. Even if it isn't providing assists, it's the appreciation of space, ability to turn and play an intelligent ball and the ability to bring other players into the game. Baines is a completely different player when Pienaar is in the side because Pienaar's timing and ability to see a player in space is beyond that of everyone else in the squad. Osman probably is the only other player in the squad with anything like those qualities.

It's all well and good saying you'd have an attacking midfield trio of Barkley, Mirallas and Deulofeu, but there's nobody there capable of playing an intelligent pass to feed those attacking players. I think when Martinez talks about our need for a "number 10", this is what he means as we can't rely on an injury-prone Pienaar or a 34 year old Osman (both of whom are probably entering their final seasons here). Given Martinez's reluctance to play with two conventional wingers, I'm expecting a left-sided player in the Pienaar mould. Mertens, for example, would fit this mould (even though he now appears to be staying put).

The other signing would obviously be a new centre back, it would be unwise to try and get through the season with two senior centre backs and two almost completely unproven kids


Player Valuation: £50m
yes, and without prudent fiscal management, it can lead to being financially crippled

I thought that our wages to turnover had dropped to 59% in the last accounts and will drop even lower with the even greater amounts of TV money on the way.
We are financially hamstrung compared to City, Chelsea and Utd, but ironically we are probably in a better financial situation than the club has ever been since the days of John Moores...all due to tv money and nothing to do with anything in particular that the club itself has done.


Player Valuation: Free Transfer
just because Roberto says Mcgeady isn't going.... doesn't mean nothing (etoo springs to mind) if he ends up going then probably lennon will be his replacement in the squad. if he stays he doesn't need replacing. Personally i hope he goes, it's never happened for him at us and lennon imo is a better player. I think the "1 or 2 he's talking about will be a CB for obvious reasons and an attacking mid. just out of interest isn't there another 9 or 10 mill payment due to chelsea for rom? if so that's near 15 mil we have spent so far! how much would be left?


Player Valuation: £101m
It is all so sad makes you think why have i been a blue for 60 odd years, always gloom and doom. Nothing to see here people i am out of here:(
Typical of the crazyness on here..

Because were not throwing money about its the club/kenrights/Martinez's fault. weve got a very very good first team already, strengthened with Cleverly and Deleufueueueue.. Much better than westham, newcastle, stoke, villa etc.. We were hindered by Europe last season as we expected to be.

Jesus. We've still 6-7 weeks of the window left?

We know we will be top 5-6 again this year..
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