2020/21 Tom Davies

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Player Valuation: £40m
I think a new club would benefit him, take him out of his comfort zone a bit. He has gone stale here. He is a tidy player but that's all, there just isn't enough about what he offers and what we need.

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Player Valuation: £35m
Probably a good move for him considering they just moved on Hojberg to Spurs. Should ensure he gets game time this season which he most certainly will not here in light of our recent signings.
That said, there are a number of others who contribute much less than he does and could do with being moved on as higher priorities. Bolasie, Besic, Sandro, Tosun (injured but still) and those more in the shop window of late in the form of Walcott, Iwobi, Kenny and Sig at a stretch.
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