Think we'll be ok yenno...


Player Valuation: £60m
After watching that performance today I can't see us struggling again this season.

Immense from each and every one of them and surely they can only get better the more they play for each other?

Onwards and upwards blues 🤞💙

I feel the same mate. We won’t win every game of course, there’ll be some crap results.

But we looked a completely different team.

We rode our luck, but so did they. For me it was the intent to get forward and attack and play first keeping them play moving.

It was end to end stuff, those fans got their moneys worth on the tickets today. Cracking game, enjoyed watching us for the first time in forever.


Player Valuation: £8m
Our midfield should overpower most teams outside the top 3/4, and even challenge the top.
The workrate we'll get out of Gana/Onana/Iwobi alone will put serious pressure on other sides.
Having Garner/Doucs/Davies/Allan to step in if need be is some upgrade to starting Tom and Andre in a 2.
Looking longer term Frank will be seeing the pieces starting to fall into place and if we can strengthen attack next summer we could be back hunting european places in time for the grand opening!
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