These Five and Which Six ?

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by Stikapos, Mar 20, 2017.

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  1. Stikapos

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    Hi ya. Myself and the wife had a bit of a brolly tonight regarding Lukaku's latest "what are you on about" statement concerning the board's lack of adding quality players during the recent transfer windows. SO, ASSUMING......the team keeps Lukaku, Barkely, Schneiderlin, Gana, and Tommy D as starters (and they are all on the block if you wish in this fantasy selection here), who are your remaining 6, whether now on the team or not. Say you have 100 mil GBP for transfer fees and you get to keep the kids (Calvert-Lewin, Holgate, Browning, etc.) and Robles/Steks. How would you (or more importantly, could you ?) put together a team good enough to win a trophy (FA, EPL or Premier League) and satisfy Rom's goal of a title ? Or would you just send him and Barkley to Chelsea for 100 Mil GBP and backfill ? I/O/W, please play Steve Walsh without interference from Kenwright and put together a championship squad that Fumin Koeman can drive to the promised land for all of us waaayyyyy overdue Evertonians!

    My first stab would be to obtain Tony Martial at left top, put Coleman at left back, buy a bad guy center like Bobby Huth or Phil Jones to replace Phil/Mori and use Holgate/Browning at the right back. Then, if Liverpool doesn't want him, I'd take Mignolet in goal. Then I would pray. A lot. And my prayer tells me that even this group might not be good enough to win the league. Which leads me back to my original question to Rom. What you on about ?

    Your opinions ?
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  2. Kiwi

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  3. Kiwi

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    Nothing like an international break hey lads, this ones a corker
  4. Kiwi

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    Oh and Mignolet in goal
    YERS, buy all the RS rejects!
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  5. Brahford

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  6. Bluebonic

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    Lad, i can only assume your wife hit you on the head a lot with the said brolly? You have £100 mill but you have chose to play Coleman at leftback? To be honest you lost all credibility after that statement! Go ot a walk-in centre or A & E bud, the brolly may still be lodged in there somewhere :)
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  8. 1966efc

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    Phil Jones.


    And for that reason, I'm out.
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  9. orly

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    Great post mate.

    I haven't read it which judging by the responses is helping massively.
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  10. Eggs

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  11. originalgreaserbob

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    Great thread, everyone! I did not read a single post.
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    Been waiting to do this since my 11 yr old daughter explained it to me
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