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It’s hard, but just don’t give him the attention he craves. I’ve always found it a bit bizarre when a crowd picks on the best player of the opposition , like a Rooney or a Ronaldo, and boos him. I would love that if I was them , being so good as to be inside the heads of an opposition crowd. Just ignore him .


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Id feel that is a fairly strong worded and unfair comment mate and wouldn't agree with the sentiment behind it.
He downs tools for Everton then comes out with comments about wanting to go to Villa because of Gerard? What a way to rub it in.


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Is he though?

Why shouldn’t he have left us? He’s not a blue he’s got no real loyalties to us, it’s his job that’s it.
Correct he is not a blue and never was, but why would any Evertonian have any regard for the one player who couldnt be bothered to play for us when we could of needed him
We shouldn't even bother with him.

If asked the question, Ferguson should point out that despite the plaudits he is getting, Villa's results have actually been pretty poor, the new manager bounce has well and truly gone and they need the result as much as us given the spending they've made in January.

If he's auditioning for the Liverpool job, they will expect much better.

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I have said this before and I will say this again, the Villa manager has come out and said he wants abuse from the Goodison crowd as it will help his team, he is playing mind games with us as he knows this will get to us and give him Hell.

BUT I think we should not give him the air time he is expecting and focus 100% on giving Dunc and the team our full support throughout.
Who cares about him?
The guy like Lionel Richie FFS.


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He downs tools for Everton then comes out with comments about wanting to go to Villa because of Gerard? What a way to rub it in.

Haha imagine going over the top about a Kopite manager, shamefull Lucas! lol

I’ll save time mate, here’s the spin, the Rafael sniffers will say he downed tools. The no surrender to Occupied Everton’s. Will say he called the obvious depletion of club by a limited, controlling, divisive manager. Who ultimately proved not competent.

Either way he’s a quality a player and wish he was still here. We’re worse for not having him and alll in all events were poorly timed in retrospect.

I would however have a special place for him in Everton lore as the man who stood tall against football tyranny, when so many bended to obvious wrong, he walked the walk, contributed to the end of that manager, therefore he earned my respect and best wishes. My opinion mind.

Perhaps his greatest ever assist for Everton. I’ll warmly welcome him tomorrow.
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I don't think many blues share your opinion on that.
No they dont, they also dont share my view that Everton might play a bit better if fans stopped shouting abuse at the players and got behind them, you watch tomorrow, %100 Goodison will be bouncing, it should of be from game one of the season, but this has been going on for years so its nothing new, they will also give a nice receptionto one of Gerrards players tomorrow, which says everything
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