The Unsworth effect

Would Unsworth be doing better?

  • Unsworth IN

    Votes: 60 31.7%
  • Koeman OUT

    Votes: 13 6.9%
  • Shake it all about

    Votes: 39 20.6%
  • Koeman IN

    Votes: 77 40.7%

  • Total voters
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Player Valuation: £750k


Player Valuation: £90m
But we had such hopes............

nah...always offside and seemed feeble.

darren bent i watched for ipswich youth and he was the same but had more desire and power.

keiron dyer but for the injuries also good.

best youth propsect for me in ages was ball...had it all but injuries destroyed him


Player Valuation: £90m
Not just ours either. This lad was the top scorer for Netherlands at under 17 level. He is now 24 and has 6 career league goals outside the Netherlands. Here's what Zatara had to say about him earlier in his career.

huh? inter milan signed him and hes now at sporting.

good player in holland 1 in 2 strike rate.

would be our best forward after lukaku...

youve not thought this through...
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