The Everton Board Thread 2015/16 [ Not takeover related ]

Is it time for change?

  • I'm happy with the way thing are. Kenwright and the Board should stay.

    Votes: 75 10.2%
  • Kenwright and the board need to go. We need change.

    Votes: 558 76.2%
  • I'm indifferent. Can't decide.

    Votes: 99 13.5%

  • Total voters
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A dedicated thread for all discussion concerning the Everton board of directors.

What happened to the last one?

Our 2014/15 Board thread is here.

Prior to last season, the Everton Board Thread (Here) was started back in 2011 and with 15,000+ replies and half a million views, it's clearly an important part of our Everton Forum.

But to the casual viewer, it's outdated and it's size is not constructive to behind the scene forum performance.

So, we've made the decision to create a new Everton Board Thread for every new season - allowing an optimised thread, that is immediately relevant and representative to the current day. We will of course, save the prior threads for archive.

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And so it begins again!

I don't know an awful lot about the ins and outs behind the scenes but there is no denying there are pros and cons on both sides.

In my opinion though Bill just isn't rich enough to be the main man at a premier league club in 2015. We have been outspent by everyone at this point in pre season the Monday before the league kicks off and whilst I don't expect that to be the case after deadline day (as Roberto has said from the start some of our signings will be acquired late in the window) there's no way we'll come close to spending what the teams we're supposed to be challenging have/will.

The Esk

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From last season's Board thread:

It is inconceivable how even a low cost ground redevelopment can be paid for from debt even as broadcasting revenues increase. The cost of repaying and servicing the debt is similar to the likely revenues earned. Secondly piling on debt would remove any flexibilty in the short term for financing transfers. We would be limited to selling to buy, or at best restricted to funding purchases from operating profits.

Everton's biggest problem is its balance sheet. It desperately needs recapitalising either from existing shareholders, dilution from a totally new investor or complete sale.

Nothing can happen until one of the three events occur.

The stadium and our commercial performance are secondary to our real problem - lack of capital.

Without a capital injection we cannot move forward in absolute or relative (to our peers) terms.

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I'm usually not against the board but we all know that there should be money this summer and we all know about plans for Walton Hall Park.

The club need to spend some of that money and further the move and I will stay onside.

Otherwise I will stop backing them.


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Okay we have a (potentially) better side, but in stature we haven't moved an inch as a club whilst historically lesser teams like City and Chelsea have galvanised their position at the top table and even the likes of Southampton are looking more ambitious than us at present.

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