The Big Rebuild


Player Valuation: £225k
If we sell Rico then the ready made replacement is staring us in the face, 20 y o Brazilian Joao Pedro from Watford, stats not immense but neither were Rico’s, this lad will be a top top player, I reckon he can be got for 15 - 20 mill.


Super Frank hates the FAT KOPITE
I thought the total was 10 out the door.. what about the kiddy fiddler does his wages still count or did we terminate the contract??



Player Valuation: £5m
Isn't he on bail still? Could be found innocent ( unlikely ).
Not too sure mate TBH.. I know we suspended the contract wasn't sure if we terminated it TBH.

Just found an interesting comment and posted in the other chat about Leeds etc wanting to.sue. from my guesstimate would have about 80mill to spend


Player Valuation: £35m
I found this structure below, which is pretty much how I see the key roles in a successful organisation.


The rebuild has to start from the top, Bill has to go, I`m sure he is a great fella and one of the biggest blues BUT under his stewardship the club have stagnated and been left miles behind by the sly 6 who all had similar turnover to us at the point the PL started.

Hopefully Bill will be replaced this summer, mad idea but what about Cahill as Chairman? Otherwise out in the market for the best you can recruit WITH the relevant experience.

The board of directors

We just need a lot more:-

Grant Ingles seems ideal from what I`ve heard and seen -

Graeme Sharp - Very clued up on everything Everton and knows football with a lot of experience, is he commercially savvy? Probably doesn`t need to be if you have others with that experience/knowledge.


Does Denise have the ability to drive real change from her position? Can she affect what we see on the pitch? I don`t know the answer to this as I don`t know what her key responsibilities are. Unfortunately for Denise because she is part of the current regime she is tarnished, I`ve not got a view on Denise and perhaps those inside the club will have a better understanding.

Perhaps the only change I`d make to the structure would be to insert a Technical Manager at the same level as DoF/Finance/HR/Marketing who looks after the hiring/firing/upskilling/education/staff development/compliance throughout the club from Goodison to Finch Farm.

Then that leaves more time for the Director of football to focus on the 1st team and academy, I think if you look from the bottom of the structure up you can see the backroom staff, manager and director of football have been filled with what looks like capable people. Does the medical department need freshening up? Again someone closer to the club will know more.

That`s just my take, my ultimate hope is Moshiri doesn`t get involved especially with his super agent mates who are just out for making money for themselves, I don`t think he will sell up until after BMD is built, but we live in hope.



Player Valuation: £50m
Hes our 3rd best wide forward and if we sold him, Rondon and Kean its a nice pot to have for upgrades.
Some won’t like this but if he wasn’t on the pitch Thursday night we don’t win that game! The guy he replaced wouldn’t have had the same impact for the second goal, and would have hit the first defender with the free kick for DCL to score the third!


Player Valuation: £70m
Gilmour an interesting shout. Was awful this season. But was good for Frank at Chelsea.

I could see Chelsea offloading about a dozen guys. Do we have any interest in CHO (maybe), Loftus-Cheek (no), Mount (yes), or Pulisic (yes)
Did… did you just suggest Mason Mount ffs?

Are you still drunk from Thursday night? Genuinely the most bizarre shot I’ve ever seen on here.

Shall we get Mbappé while we’re at it?

street end

Player Valuation: £10m
We need creativity in our midfield without a doubt, Watford game away was an example of why.

Tarkowski on a free?

Then get young hungry players from top championship teams, heard a few shouts for Johnson from Forest.

We definitely need another striker as well, maybe 2 if DCL goes and can next season be one for Dobbin?


Player Valuation: £70m
Some won’t like this but if he wasn’t on the pitch Thursday night we don’t win that game! The guy he replaced wouldn’t have had the same impact for the second goal, and would have hit the first defender with the free kick for DCL to score the third!

Thats a childlike argument.

You have no knowledge of what "would" (???!!) have happened and Lampard could have subbed someone else on that may have scored a 40 yarder. Lets say that "would" have happened...or how about Pickford "would" have ended the scoring with a 70 yard backheel?

Moving forward, he's a 3rd choice wide player that can be replaced with younger and better.

£15-20mil comes in for him and off he pops.


Player Valuation: £25m
Frank said this can't happen again but we said this in 94 and97 talk is cheap .
History tells us it will definitely happen again - and it it likely that it will be as soon as next season.

In 1994, Mike Walker said "never again." Fast forward to May 1995 and there we were scrabbling a result at Ipswich Town to ensure survival with one game to spare under Joe Royle.

In 1998, Howard Kendall said "never again". Fast forward to May 1999 and there we were thanking Super Kevin Campbell for rescuing us from disaster under Walter Smith.

If those seasons are anything to go by, next season will be almost as tough as this. Loads of work ahead of Lampard now.
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