Terribly bad biased journalism by liverpool echo sky sports bt sports and match of the day

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They ask Neville about Gomes. Rather than saying how well hes fits in our midfield and how he makes the team tick, he just says how he stands out so much and how he could easily play for Chelsea or United! :rant:


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Sky is Ex-Redtwats TV lets face it, Tyler is a kopite too, he may say he supports some 2nd tier team from birth, but his team in the Prem is Liverpool, he can't hide it when he commentates on their games.

I don't mind Souness, he seems to keep his bias well in check and is quite impartial, in fact I think he actually likes us as a club, always says we are a massive club.
I ageee. Souness seems to take special pleasure in Liverpool not matching the heights of his career


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Tyler is not a RS he is a big ManU supporter, he has admitted this publically many times, he was when he worked for Granada years ago, when Rs were winning everything and the mancs were nowhere.
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