Summer Transfer Window 2019

Everton's Transfer Window

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Player Valuation: £1m
I wonder if the Meunier rumours may be true...

Hes a top class right back and of course 6'3 which would help us + he could be good over the next 5 years. Wages only £50k a week apparently.

However, we would have to write off any transfer fee i think as of course we wouldnt see a resale value.

Due to him being disliked by the PSG fans after liking a marseille tweet (lol) he could perhaps be signed for a fee similar to Digne which would be great business.

However, is it worth spending £18mil on someone with no resale and only having them for 4-5 years...

Or better to spend say £36mil on someone whose value should increase or stay stable and who could last 10 years?

Thats the difference with Meunier and Wan Bissaka i think.

As for Youcef Atal, hes the type of player who could be incredibly effective or a total liability.
4-5 years is a good chunk of time at a club if you ask me and some players are worth letting play out their careers at the club. Also agree with your Atal take but think 5-8m is worth the investment

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