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Everton's Transfer Window

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Player Valuation: £70m
....I think it’s more about being pragmatic than negative. Bolasie and Sandro in particular will be difficult to shift given the length and size of contracts. It’s not impossible, but it will be difficult, that’s the reality.

It will take a while to get over the Walsh/Koeman debacle but Brands has done well so far.
Don’t tell Dave the last bit
To sell a player you must have a buyer willing to pay an acceptable fee and pay the player a wage he wants
For our deadwood these clubs are few and far between


Player Valuation: £70m
Only read this page from this thread today. Looks like common sense is breaking out, so I won't go any further back to see what looney tunes signing is floating about in the rumour mill.

Right back (to do what Lucas did at LB this season) please. Striker please. Loans to be signed up. Plus one other that can strengthen us and move the team along to Silva's desired style of play and maybe a loan. That'd be a good window for ins for me, given no emergencies crop up before next season. If only it were easy to move out the deadwood too, but I suppose they'll start to fall away now given time left on contracts dwindles away.
A fine and sensible post sir


Player Valuation: £70m
Yes Bolasie and Sandro are a problem , but I have faith in Brands to move them on.
It always amazes me how there are a pleathora of clubs willing to take players like them on loan.
So not a sale but a loan for a fee is the best solution.
My guess outgoings sales wise will be Vlasic , Lookman and Onyekuru.

Paves the way for 3/4 quality signings to come in.
However all 3 got the profile Brands has said the club are trying to sign
I’d like to see Henry and Vlasic given pre season at least before we discard them


Player Valuation: £70m
I would imagine that Gomes is done and hopefully Zouma too but I don’t think we will have the likes of Neres wrapped up in a bow and announced the day the window opens. Our wages to income ratio is ridiculous and until we get rid of some wages I can’t see many being announced. Yes Williams Baines and Jags are out of contract and that will free up some wages and also Martina going will help a bit but we have to get rid of some of the big turkeys to bring in the new signings.
Realistically we need to get rid of four of Mirallas, Bolasie, Sandro, Schniederlin,Tosun, Walcott, McCarthy and Niasse. You are talking about 35 million in wages per year from players not contributing anything. We will be lucky to see the back of 3 permanently I think and the rest will be loans with us still paying %s of the wages.
I really don’t envy Brands with having to sell that cack in order to bring in the players he and Silva want.
Piece of urine according to our Dave


Player Valuation: £70m
This summer I can see the end of:
One of Jags/Baines
and kenny out on loan

Thats from the first team and all will need replacing. We should get the best part of 100mil for them which leaves us needing a fair bit of extra cash in order to filll the voids on top of Gomes and Zouma.

There is also money for Vlasic, Niasse, Mirallas,Bolasie etc 30-40il


Player Valuation: £30m
im quite certain a stand out player in a champions league quarter final, will be sold for big money, to ANOTHER champions league side, not a mid table premier league side..
While I agree with this point in the particular case of Neres, I do think we have to show ambition. I don't think we have a cat in hells chance of getting Neres as the competition we'll face will inevitably be from richer / more prestigious clubs with Champions League (or perhaps even Europa League) Football.

We aren't going to reach the Champions League by signing players with a low-risk profile. We need to roll the dice this summer, particularly in the CF position.

I keep coming back to Spurs as an example, they player traded for a decade until they broke the glass ceiling of the CL, which enabled them to have the purchasing power and profile to keep the likes of Kane, Eriksen, Alli etc. In short, i would suggest that player trading is essential to climb the rungs of the ladder, you will need to sell Bales, Defoes, Keanes, Berbatovs, to climb the rungs of a ladder until you break the glass ceiling, then achieve the purchasing power and the profile to keep, attract and be attractive to existing and new players.

I suppose what i am suggesting is that we need to be fluid in our thoughts on player trading, selling Richarlison for 120 mill, Digne for 60 mill and whoever in two years time seems like a terrible thing, but it actually may be necessary to enable the club to have a chance of breaking the glass ceiling, until we eventually get to the point of Spurs where its not necessary.
Excellent post. I think Spurs has to be the goal in terms of how we'd like the club / team run and it's taken them the best part of 15 years of excellent recruitment, excellent management and plenty of ups and downs in order for them to break the big six monopoly.

Even City, with all their money, weren't able to break that monopoly immediately. For us, our expectations will have to be tapered over the coming years as there's a fair few blues expect us to reach the Champions League within 2-3 years and it's simply not realistic. People will point to Leicester's title win, which was also unrealistic, so in theory nothing is ever entirely out of the question. I think (providing the backing is there again) the goal for Marco next year has to be, get us 7th and win us a cup.

Anything less, with the level of investment we've made thus far (and what we're all anticipating will continue this summer), would be disappointing.


Norwegian doesn't mean kopite!
Mori was rubbish. And not sure he’s even getting in the Villarreal team these days, was on the bench last night. And Klassen was getting destroyed by our fans last season for being so poor
Klaassen didnt get a chance. Mori was very hot or cold. Neither was rubbish.
Mori has played 35 games for Villareal this season, so yes, he’s getting in the team. They have struggled in LaLiga this season, but done well in Europe. Klaassen has played 34 games for a good Wolvesburg side, sitting in 6th, having scored 6 and assisted 4 in less than 30games.
Both decent players, maybe not fit for the prem, but that doesnt make them rubbish.
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Player Valuation: £70m
However all 3 got the profile Brands has said the club are trying to sign
I’d like to see Henry and Vlasic given pre season at least before we discard them
2 out of the 3 dont want to play for the club.
The 3rd cant play for the club....Sell.


Player Valuation: £8m
There is literally no upside to paying up contracts.

Why pay a player his whole contract all at once rather than keep him and pay that full amount as a worst case scenario anyway? You'd also remove the possibility of selling them, loaning them for a fee and part of (if not all) that wage and possibly even needing to use them.

If we - for example - had Besic here next season and he was just hanging around the place, I'd prefer to be able to call on him if we got three or four central midfield injuries in December. Rather than him being elsewhere having had his contract bought out by Everton the summer before.

We'd be lose-lose in that scenario which is why no clubs anywhere do it.

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