Summer Transfer Window 2019

Everton's Transfer Window

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Player Valuation: £70m
I've given this a bit more thought.

I suppose my view would be yes they would want to keep their team together in the same way that we would love to sign Sterling and Salah. In a world where material realities/pressures didn't exist of course they would. Or a world where we would have liked to have kept Lukaku etc.

However their turnover from their domestic league will never allow them to keep a side together which is capable of competing in the last 8 of the champions league for any great length of time. If they wanted to keep that team together they could, they could offer to match the wages they could make elsewhere and keep them, but they simply can't afford to do so.

So in the reality they face they work around it to the best of their ability. I would say (in our example) the best way to accept 7th is the best we could do would be to emulate what Moyes did (or perhaps to a fairer degree what Allardyce did) which is you buy a group of players who will never quite be the best but you keep them together and build a team spirit. You will never go much beyond that though.

What the riskier thing to do, is to say that you will constantly recycle your team. You will not have the consistency that you would otherwise have, but you will get moments of brilliance.

Unless lots goes right for us off the field over a prolonged period it's unlikely we will ever dominate a league over a prolonged period. We have never done that in our history. However we could certainly have a period of 2-3 years of success, likely see a team broken up and have to start again.

You look at what Sevilla have achieved doing this. What is it, 5 Europa League, domestic cups, super cups etc. It might not be Kendall in the 80's, but we'd all be absolutely delighted if we could emulate that! Can you imagine how many Kopite heads would be falling off if we did emulate that?
I think a more apt example is Spurs in a PL context, they slowly climbed the rungs of the ladder to compete for the PL, CL, building a new ground with a strong history of player trading to enable them to get there.

Not sure many people have been to see Ajax, I have, they are a massive club. I think we are sometimes guilty of looking at other leagues down nose. Trust me competing for the Dutch title is very important in Holland. I would contend that no one in Amsterdam is bothered really about who wins the PL really, the 7th place battle or relegation. I think there is a tendency to be PLcentric. Apart from that, I could handle competing in the Europa League final and the Champions League the way they have this season, in essence whose to say the model doesn’t work, they are more successful then us historically and contemporily.

I’m surprised there is such debate over this, the reality is we have sold on almost all of our really best players for decades. Player trading in necessary and a reality for every club, bar none.

Blackwell Livermore

Player Valuation: £2.5m
How do these foreign teams manage to find or produce players year after year. Benfica in the last few years

Bernardo Silva
Joao Cancelo
Andre Gomes
Goncalo Guedes
Renato Sanches
Helder Costa
Luka Jovic
Raul Jimenez

Plus they have this Joao Felix kid who will go for a fortune, along with Ruben Dias and Gedson Fernandes who have been linked with top clubs. Talk about talent spotting.
Get him. His song would be boss.


Player Valuation: £70m
I dont know much about this lad, but why would we spend £35m on a winger?
Cant see us spending £35m on a replacement for either. Unless we somehow get close to that for the 2 of them.
Same here. But unless I have missed something, we look pretty sound with Bernard and Ricky on the flanks, so £35m as a back up seems odd.
If were aiming for top 4 then we need 3 top wide players. Remember united with Giggs, Sharpe, Kanchelskis rotating throughout the season?

Also, Neres can play Sigurdssons position and Richarlison can play up front so we could switch players at ease.

If we could land Neres or similar then we'd be set in those 2 wide positions for many years.


Player Valuation: £50m
Not really.

When I say the model doesn't work for us I mean the model of selling your best players and replacing them with clearly inferior ones. Ajax and Celtic do that, they know where they stand, and they don't try to fight it. I'm saying that model doesn't work for us because we're trying to actually improve (or at least I hope we are).
Doesn’t really work for us , well I mean it is possible , but much more difficult because of the league we are in. Ajax, Monaco and Celtic play in inferior leagues and therefore if they signed say 50 14 year olds or whatever and we signed the same 14 year olds, maybe 20-30 of them would eventually be good enough to play in their league where as only 4 or whatever will ever be prem quality. This means they have a much higher chance of developing first team players and their first team and league placings re less likely to suffer, ours are much less likely to make it and will be more costly to us. We can not afford to play these players unless they reach a higher standard because our league is so much more competitive. Also they have CL to offer these young players and if a player scores a few CL goals his value jumps massively , we can’t offer that. Let’s say Lookman was at Ajax playing every week and suddenly scores a goal against real, and another couple on the way to Ajax reaching the last 8. All of a sudden he’s work 30-40m he also gets more mins because Ajax can carry him and still win the majority of their games. This doesn’t even include the wages , DCL and Henry are on 40k a week , so if we adopted the same model as Ajax or Monaco we would have a higher benchmark for them to reach for them to be cost effective and we would have to pay them a lot more in wages and because of our lack of CL or EL footy, we would struggle to get the instant transfer fee inflation that a couple of decent games against CL teams brings if and when a player hits a purple patch.


Player Valuation: £50m
I dont know much about this lad, but why would we spend £35m on a winger?
Think of it like this, he’s a young Brazilian winger scoring goals in the CL and he’s only 7m more than Bolasie.. makes it sound like a better deal :) that is until you calculate Bolasie a few then you want to cry.

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