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One hand is a record deal which will be good for FFP, other hand it’s back to gambling which was the reason we binned Sportpesa off
Barrett-Baxendale accepted it would be preferable to have a different sponsor going forward.

"I think you raise a good point," she said. "The company that we deal with has responsible gambling and we know our sport is underpinned by gambling.

"In an ideal world moving forward we would look to have a different type of sponsor on the front of our shirts like all football clubs would, but that is a commercial decision that we make as a football club.

"SportPesa have actually been a fantastic partner to Everton Football Club in terms of the funds they have given to support Everton in the Community, but I do agree it is responsible betting.

"We can't stop people taking a choice but certainly don't want to be responsible for driving irresponsible betting."

It would seem this isnt an ideal world.


Player Valuation: £80m
If anyone is offended by this they best not watch the Qatar world cup where stadiums were built using human slaves.

Fans cant want us to be financially strong / competing whilst clamouring to be a "nice" club thats finances reflect that of a Championship team.

The reality is we aint an attractive proposition to global sponsers.

Cant have your cake and eat it.


Player Valuation: £50m
You’ve got to think the club knew what could have happened with Cazoo.

We caught a good deal with Cazoo when they wanted to hit the market, alas, they may have issues elsewhere now, and it’s more important we do no get caught in a scenario where they don’t pay us.

Stake isn’t what I’d want, but I also want Everton to have income so we can actually buy players so we don’t go down.
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