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Super, super win, we owed them that.

Big 3 away points, back to back wins.

They look like they may go down and we’ve taken points of them at home.

10 points after 8 games, quarter of the way there, unbeaten in 7.

Loads to work on, not terribly convincing, but a degree of mitigation given internationals.

Sitting mid table, 11th and same points as Mordor.

Home comforts next week….Up The Toffees.
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Good win battled until the end showing the fight Lampard has brought back into the squad also coming from behind. But some sloppy play through the middle and looked lost at times in the final 3rd was important to get 3 points and try and keep the momentum we’ve been building from the start of the season.


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As I said earlier - I really wish we deal with going ahead in games a lot better. When teams are chasing a game they naturally become a bit more open and we fail miserably in exploiting that.

Saint Domingo

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Under Lampard this team have frequently shown in last six months it can hold onto this sort of win when leading early in second half (Man. United, Chelsea, Leicester, West Ham and today).

It's a very good win. Performance wasn'y amazing but obviously to come from 1-0 down you take even a draw so to win is fantastic.

Result like that backs up the mid table optimism on here.

Coming back from behind to win away from home against Southampton is like a triple whammy of things Everton don’t do often.


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It's got to be instructions to not let the lead get away. That's literally the only reason why li can think of that they just sit back. Carlo did it, Frank is doing it. It makes no sense to me.


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Delighted with the points, but concerned about some sloppy play and very poor positioning. Probably being a bit hypercritical because of our improvement but I thought both Gueye and Iwobi were well below par.


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Confidence will come. Eventually we’ll learn to bypass teams in all out attack mode and slot a game ending winner. Spent the last 9 months training bodies and minds to not get hopelessly outplayed every week, so that is the next step. It’s a long road but we haven’t capitulated for months now when going behind. That’s some turnaround.

Still missing Englands 7th choice striker too.
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