2021/22 Seamus Coleman

Blue Roo

Player Valuation: £8m
Don't get the hate on Coleman.
He's not a star player but the man plays to a standard of football, consistently (albeit his crossing can let him down), that others in this team find it impossible to reach let alone maintain.
He got things going nicely down the right today, despite Davies, and despite having no real go to threat in Rondon.
In defense Townsend and him work well and much better than the crap he had to put up with with Lennon and Walcott;
and you could tell James appreciated him.
Sure we need a new right back but its not as if he's the problem.
For me he has integrity, on the pitch, many of the others haven't reached.


Player Valuation: £70m
Saw a post where he was going at fans after the match - good on him for getting as riled up as everyone else. He cares as much as them and would expect nothing less.
Iwobi on the other hand, with his tongue down Kings throat should at least wait until he takes the blue shirt off before doing whatever he's into.

Coleman was arguing with fans?

When we’re talking about playing Holgate in defence, it’s normally a sign that things aren’t all rosy.

I quite like Holgate...not at RB but he always seems to be someone who needs a run of games and then plays well.

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