Player Valuation: £50m
Needs to be scrapped immediately, it's another fail safe for the big teams, when a referee can't save a big club var steps in. Corruption, I said at the time it was brought in what var would do .. I have not been proved wrong.

Whether it's corruption or favouritism towards the top teams, it definitely exists. West Ham and us today, not to forget that handball against City.


Player Valuation: £15m
I remember which flicked up onto Baines' arm at Anfield from a reflection 2 yards in front that was given as a penalty. Utter farce.

I also remember this one at Forest in the Cup last year when it was said the camera wasn't in line so that's why he looks offside etc. No one saying that for ours today.
Worst one like that I can recall was Henrey chipped the ball up on to Davie Weirs arm when he was square on to him and about 1 yard away.


Player Valuation: £750k
The problem with VAR (and nearly all of the rules) is that they are left open to interpretation (was it 'clear & obvious', was the tackle 'reckless and out of control', was it a goal scoring opportunity) which leads to the perception that the big teams are treat favourably. Rules that are black & white might lead to players being punished for unintentional actions, but at least we would be able to see that everyone was treat equally.

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