2021/22 Salomón Rondón


Player Valuation: £2.5m
Terrific is a huge stretch. Didn’t remotely look like scoring.

Will take forever getting match fit again now.

That's more to do with how he's been told to play - drop deep, act as a focal point, lay the ball off by winning it, which is what he does well. Think less Jelavic, more Fellaini for what he's being told to do. Us as fans are a little spoiled with Calvert-Lewin who can do both; it is very rare that 3rd choice strikers signed on the cheap because we're broke aren't one dimensional

Spadge Vernacular

Player Valuation: £35m
It is hard to fathom why Benitez cannot see how bad this fella is, and also how much damage his insistence on playing him is doing to his chances of surviving here. Really bonkers level of stubborn/stupid.

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