Sack him or not

Simple question.

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Player Valuation: £2.5m
Seriously, why bother? Do you trust this board to go out and appoint an adequate replacement? I think there's definitely options out there who would instantly improve us even *with* the injuries we have, but the senior management at the club simply does not have the ability to make effective decisions.


Player Valuation: £950k
Isn't really a yes or no answer.

Are we gong to all admit that our squad is weak beyond the first eleven and that Marcel Brands has been utter shabite? Do we have an actual plan in place for the next manager rather than just signing another name or cheap option? Are we going to actually sign players with a system in mind rather than the current mismatch nonsense we have at the moment?

If it's all yes then...yes.
Careful mate there's no room for sense in here tonight!


Player Valuation: £50m
Agree with you but the extra layer of toxicity means he has to go, for me!
I know how you feel but this crowd of "players" are a waste of space. No manager could deal with their disgraceful lack of fight for Everton, it's heritage, it's fans, and especially the youngsters who have to deal with RS taunts every day
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