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Would you have Ross Barkley back?

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No, not because I don’t hink he has some talent, just I don’t believe it the right move for him or us.

Even if he was exactly what we needed, which I don’t think he is, many of the fan base would never forgive him for the way he left us and we experienced last season how toxic that can get - I’ve really enjoyed our fans getting behind our players inn the latter part of the season and would prefer that more positive attitude to continue.

Also weren’t there some rumours about him falling into a bad crowd off pitch or somesuch - better for all concerned I think if he goes somewhere where no personal history.


Player Valuation: £35m
Nah, he was cack when we sold him, he went to a team where the quality around him improved by 500% and was still cack. The lad has the IQ of a bathmat and worst of all, he is another bottler, who opts to pass sideways or back if he is being pressed. We already already breached FIFA’s quota of numb-skulled bottlers, if we bring Barkley back they may impose sanctions on us?

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