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Player Valuation: £90m
Without Rico and Dominic Calvert-Lewin we are on par with those sides

Yet with the same squad without those key players and a fair few others in the winter last season, we were fighting for top four, because we had a solid foundation to work from.

We've now not got that at all. We're a counter-attacking team who give up chances for fun and any time we give away a corner we might as well be giving the opposing team a penalty.

that's on Benitez to sort out.


Player Valuation: £40m
We’ll do a Villa, we’ll meander along finishing 13th/14th for a couple of seasons while our 2/3 better plays gradually leave, then all of a sudden one year we’ll finish rock bottom with about 18 points. There’ll be no dramatic last day super duper fight for our lives, it’ll be a 0-0 draw against Southampton in April in front of 15,000 fans at Goodison that’ll confirm it.
Can you imagine, that’s the last ever game at Goodison before the move - and then we start life in the Championship at BMD!
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If we get relegated, is there any other club that could trump our work in the community, be ars*d losing that accolade too

Bad times


I panda to nobody
You have to be absolutely dismal to go down these days. There's 3 teams worse than we'll ever be.

My concern is this Everton board repeating their previous 3 years again.
The board is my main concern. Years of poor decisions have led to our current situation, if this continues I think it's 50/50 wether we move into the new stadium with our premier league status intact. An inept board, changing managers almost on an annual basis, huge investment on an average at best squad, and a divided fan base ready to turn at the drop of a hat, is not a recipe for success. I'm sixty years old and have never felt less enthused as now, ffs Everton.
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