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blue to the bone

Player Valuation: £70m
I understand that, I just don't fancy us to cope with the pressure on the last day of the season. We have numerous chances to put this to bed and haven't

I am praying to the gods to win Thursday and be done with this utter horror show of a season
That's an opinion yes .
But the facts are a point gained is an advantage. Its up to us then to capitalise on it . The other sides also had chances to put it to bed and didn't.


Player Valuation: £90m
The problems I see for Leeds at Brentford on Sunday are 1) they will have a crowd absolutely baying for a victory to celebrate staying in the Prem; 2) they break very fast, and have the players who can take advantage of that (they're not where they are in the league for nothing), and 3) they look very strong in the air when attacking corners and free kicks into the opposition box. Coupled with that, I can't see their Manager letting them slacken off just because they are safe.

The problem I see for Brentford is that they have some real agricultural defenders who can make some bad gaffes - they got away with it good-style against us thanks to Oliver, they might not get away with it again on Sunday...

so we’re f d


Guilty unitl proven innocent
I like the way Palace have been levitated to this elite level side on here all of a sudden, can you imagine this place if Leeds were at home to the 13th placed team in the division on Thursday to put them mathematically clear of us.
Can you imagine if Burnley or Leeds had lost their last home game, after leading twice and got 2 players sent off.
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