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Dwight K Schrute

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Hate to say it, but I actually think we're down now. Not particularly because of today, but because the way Palace play is problematic for us, we have virtually no side to put out now and I also feel like Leeds will sneak 3 points on the last day. Don't think everyone should write them off.

Today also demonstrates how we always have to compete against atrocious refereeing. Any chance they will get in the last few fixtures to negatively impact us, they will take.

Ring master

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That draw at watford is looking more costly by the minute, i still wont get how people were happy with a point there either


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we're staring down the barrel of relegation and I'm seeing 'blues' mention City's result as part of the bad day?

Who cares about City? Genuinely? I'd rather than implode and know we are safe and if it mean Liverpool win the title then so be it.

I don't understand it, I really don't.

You don’t understand why Everton fans would be bothered about Liverpool potentially winning the title ?

It’s not an either or scenario. You can be bothered about multiple things.


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I don't see Leeds winning away at Brentford, personally.

Glad that Rondon & Branthwaite won't be available for Palace, neither should have been on the pitch.


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It’s mad really considering how much people slate the players for their supposed lack of fight.

We’ve beaten Leicester and Chelsea in the past few games, we are likely to beat Palace and be safe before the weekend.

It’s like people are gagging to be negative.

Exactly this!! Spot on. Fickle and football fans go hand in hand and it's getting boring now.
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