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Player Valuation: £35m
I said earlier: my view was that with players back - which they are now + a new managerial bump and we'd be ok.

But it wasn't just the result today. The performance on a day we should have overwhelmewd Villa was terrible first half. Then we went long and hoped something would fall for us.

That has opned my eyes to how we cant rely on what we have in the dugout or on the pitch.

We need a new manager fast. These players know the galloot is not getting the job and aren;t playing for their careers at the club.
That's the modern game. The players don't care because they will all have new clubs next season.


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Need a manager in now - 8 days of the transfer window to maybe miraculously find some reliable generals on the pitch to shore up this stinking corpse of a team.
If we don't we are in Mike Walker 1993 freefall mode - and I can't see Barry Horne and Hans Segars saving our bacon this time.


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Its why I was chortling when many on here were turning their noses up at Jose Mourinho being linked for the job.

We could only DREAM of a manager of his calibre coming to the club right now.

But it then brings the next issue...the summer when a manager like Jose is done as a good manager and blown the Richy/Dom money.

That's the worry about getting a manager in now in this situation.


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I think a lot of managers (PL based ones) out of work will look at our squad and know they have the tools there to comfortably get midtable and they'll take it as an ego booster like Alladyce did.

"Look what I did I saved Everton from relegation look where we were and look where we finished"

Someone like Lampard or Nuno will be salivating at a call from Moshiri.

I just hope its not Dunc or Rooney getting the job as for me they aint good enough.

it won’t be nobody connected to the club

that’s for sure

Sheedy's right peg

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every team around us is picking up points, we are in such a dire situation now and these players do not have the heart to turn it around.
Our players have the heart.
Sadly though they just aren't very good at football.

It'd be like getting a random 11 off this forum. We'd all try our hearts out for Everton bit we'd get stuffed because we are not Premier League footballers.

We're going down. Because we have a very average squad.
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