Ref of the season at Goodison Park ?.

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This is such an easy one to answer for me; none of them.
They're all as bad as each other and if you could take the best bits of each referee and put them together to make one referee, that official still wouldn't be competent enough to ref a Dad's versus Lads match at any junior football event.
And don't start me on VAR officials.


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…if City win the league today then the Ref of the season at GP has to be the one who didn’t give us the clear penalty against them.

imagine if he had, City would have two points less & the Reds would be on the verge.

Nice to remind them of that during the summer.
I just love the logic; now that we are safe it has to be that Ref...

If we were relegated by one point, then he was the worst Ref at GP...

Marginal Margins...:)

Clarky cat

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I can’t think of the best ref and I honestly can’t think of the worst either, that’s how abysmal they have been to a man. officiating in the Premier league is a disgrace, it’s why they didn’t go to the last World Cup and why none of them have been asked to do var in Qatar, the only refs in any top European leagues who will not be in charge of it….. but hey, they are doing a great job aren’t they Mike? Sniff it you incompetent, corrupt whoppers !


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I am not happy with the refereeing, but I'm not sure it is about individual ability. The most lauded referees do what they are told. Taylor and Oliver do not appear to be particularly good refs, but they are going to the World Cup. Pawson is a terrible ref, the derby proves it, yet was given the F.A.Cup final. If I see the decisions they give against certain teams, yet instead of being relieved of their duties, they are promoted, the only conclusion I can see is that they are working to orders, therefore the referees are not corrupt, the league is. There have been so many examples to draw on this season, not just involving us, that I believe the league to be staged, based on the sponsors and advertisers of BT and Sky. I firmly believe this to be true.


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They are all poor. Just some worse than others. Even the liners are rubbish and can't see basic stuff .
I dont think the constant tweaking of rules helps them. Years back , rules were the same for years, but now they change them and when somethinh happens to show the daftness of that decision they tweak it more rather than bin it.
Handball used to be one line in the rule book.Deliberate hand ball is an offence. Now ...who knows.
Offside was to stop goal hanging. How an arm ahead is offside bemuses me.
Var. No secret that i hate it. System is used wrongly and inconsistently. Obvious error? How can a clinical decision be made with a subjective rule?
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