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Hi everyone.

We're an Everton forum.

We ask all threads in our Everton forum to remain on topic.

We're particularly keen to ensure our biggest threads, with our biggest audiences - remain on topic.

It's not as big ask, is it?

We've asked it since February 2007;

  • Stay On Topic
    Make a particular effort to ensure that your reply in any discussion is relevant and 'on topic'. If you are perceived to be deliberately diverting a thread away from it's topic, you'll be adjudged to be sabotaging and effectively spamming our forum and will be banned.

This thread is about the Everton manager, in our Everton forum. Visitors will expect to read posts within this thread about the Everton manager.

Occasionally, the nature of forums means people will of course venture away from the main thread topic and our volunteers, moderators, will issue a warning which reminds fans;

Despite the polite requests, despite the warnings (multiple moderator warnings required to trigger a 2 day suspension) - some have chosen to continue treat the forum as their personal playground. To antagonise, to try and circumvent our very simple request. I've permanently banned a handful of those who lack common courtesy this morning.

Please don't spam your own forum.

Respect the moderators and the forums rules; rules which have served this forum well for nearly 15 years.

Please Stay On Topic.

We don't want to be suspending or banning people.

Ghost Rider

Player Valuation: £5m
Not sure what the general feeling still is with the boss. Personally I was dead against it at first but he has this team playing the way they should be playing with a little passion. No way could Silva koeman or even ancelotti have Townsend and gray, relegation level signings matching anything at the top.

He has won me over at least. As long as we never hire that horrible get when we get desperate then I can forget the man putting pride back in the shirt was in charge of those scummy cesspools

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