2021/22 Rafael Benitez


Player Valuation: £40m
The early signs are very encouraging. Benitez isn't playing ultra defensive football and when we attack we look good so chapeau to Benny.
However we looked wonderful under Ancelotti in the first 6 games of last season and were cack in the 2nd half of the campaign.
So early days but so far so good.
If , over the season , I turn out to be wrong about Benitez I will be absolutely delighted.


Player Valuation: £70m
….forget the errors leading to goals, I know you really rate Keane, but you are surely seeing the weaknesses in his game. He looked lost at times today, caught in no-man’s land. He was easily spun & even Delph told him to calm down.

He’s not the top defender you rave about.
To be honest I've got no idea what you are talking about, fior a start not once this season have I stuck up for Keane, quite the opposite in fact, secondly Zat criticised Rafael for playing him, for one we have no alternatives and more importantly if a player makes an individual mistake that is on the player not the manager.


Player Valuation: £70m
When Holgate came into the team around when Ferguson was caretaker until the end of the season he was head and shoulders superior to Keane.

Last season, being played at RB and in/out of the team wasnt ideal and he had a poor season overall.

I think if were being analytical with this then Keane has more glaring errors and if were using the eye test Keane cant turn, has no aggression and zero pace.

Holgate has those basic qualities.

Id have Branthwaite over Keane...i just think hes useless and have done for years.

Starting should be Mina (great today) and Godfrey of course.

I wonder what Benitez will be thinking about Keane this evening...
Loan Umtiti.


Player Valuation: £70m
Lads I’m gonna give you a last chance one off to come on tonight and apologise to everyone on here for your Benitez hating. You were wrong. Failure to apol tonight means you cannot enjoy any of his Everton achievements beyond this point. No goals can be celebrated. No contributions to match day on here.

Ball is in your court.

….never, never and I’ll still celebrate every goal.
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