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The binman chronicles

Player Valuation: £70m
15th???? 13th we were. Spent £50m on 2 crap players and had Baines and Coleman return and delivered the worst football I've seen as an Everton fan for a few extra places.


After that initial period where we had good results it was fairly dire. I think Mosh would have kept him had we continued in that way but the results went south and we struggled to even muster shots on target.

Spadge Vernacular

Player Valuation: £35m
I must adjust that picture of Rafael over my bedside. It is not quite straight.


Player Valuation: £5m
The problem is that when you use childish insults as the basis of your argument it becomes invalid. Criticism is fine but taunts similar to those of a 9 year old playground bully are way more embarrassing than being behind a manager for winning. I dare say that most of the OTT support is a direct response to this type of personal attack.

I think you will find the sycophantic behaviour started the say the toad signed up. These type of fans just can't help themselves., the same fans who laughed when he was first linked. They also completely ignore we have been awful for large portion of every game but have some how managed to get a result
They will soon crawl back after a few defeats claiming they knew all along he was a fat odious dinosaur of a manager .

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