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Any chance of moving this to World Football? Or maybe create a new sub-forum for corpulent Iberian food servers?

Why is this thread still going? He's been here, stunk the place out and been binned off. Probably scratched LFC into dugout as well .

As said above, why is this thread still running? Can't we shut that door and move on? Continuing with it only stirs up more unnecessary ill feeling.

Stop bumping it?

Moving large threads causes chaos back office wise. It will die a death, and/or get locked.


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It stays here.

People may still want to share an opinion in the immediate aftermath.

It's also for archiving. Just like all our other season threads. 99.9% of posts in this thread is about Benitez as Everton manager. If you want to talk about Benitez outside of Everton, start a thread in world football.

Eventually people stop replying and it's auto locked. If not, mods will lock it. Too early now though.

Basically what we've always done.


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