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Welcome to Barcelonaton FC
Sacking him isn't actually going to fix anything when you have a squad full of absolute wasters, but it might be enough to halt the slide towards relegation for another season. Inexcusably bad management today.

Moshiri really is the biggest clown of all for getting us into this mess though.

Benitez way of fixing things is by destroying it more.

Said it all along...all he had to do was continue from Carlo last season, add some pace... steadily improve.

He took that and crashed it into a wall


Player Valuation: £60m
I really find it strange how moshiri keeps choosing defensive minded managers. We need intensity. Not one of our managers since Moyes offers that. Including carlo. At goodison we need to be on the front foot from min 1.
If only to liven up the fan base and players again- agreed. Silva was close to being the one- he was just unbelievably poor at setting up a team in the final third. The lack of goals lost him his job. Time for a progressive manager. A real one
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