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Player Valuation: £70m
I remember last Spring thinking we really missed an opportunity to get into a European competition of some description. Now in early December I am praying that there will be three teams worse than us come next Spring. Bizarre :Blink:
Yea, I didn't want Benitez but I remember in August people saying he'd be gone by christmas and thinking "he's not that bad"
how wrong I was.


Player Valuation: £70m
I and others gave credit where its due after some, OK, performances, in all honesty tho, it was spells in a game, not a consistent 90, not fully in control and had times when it could have gone against. The signs were there even with a fit squad that all wasn't right.

Without those results against Burnley etc we would be firmly planted in bottom three. So yes we were OK, we were not solid in of those games.

We all said bring on the so called top 6 and things would be different and here we are.

Yes we have had the injuries to contend with but that needs to be managed at ALL teams and he has shown that isn't his forte.

He set us up wrong last few games, sitting 3-5 yards off against Brentford was bad enough but that midfield set up last night was quite simply abysmal.

We are in trouble, so at what point do you acknowledge that and address it, firmly entrenched in bottom 3 or before it gets there?

Foe me, well before is the answer.

We are a mess and I believe it's beyond him to sort it.
Also nobody mentions our early fixtures were relatively kind.


Player Valuation: £10m
I have had that same seat since 1971 & Wednesday night was the first time I have left after 20 minutes that should tell you how I & many other fans are feeling
It does indeed say a lot about how most of us feel, it’s damning. To run a club at every level so badly that loyal supporters through generations are so disillusioned it’s a chore to even turn up to a game.
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