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The end of the season under him was also terrible. We fell to bits.

Only because we had a game in hand and were, what, 3-5 points off 5th or something, and couldn't pull it out the bag.

The fact he got this squad in and around there for the majority of the season before the inevitable wheels started to shake is a testament to how good he was.

And his falling to bits is nowhere near these levels

Parker NSNO

Player Valuation: £50m
Not gonna lie, it's tiring hoping we get slotted. If he's still here come January, we're going down.

There is a window between boxing day and mid February where we need to pick up at least 4 wins because the last 2 months of the season are ridiculously difficult. I reckon we need 7 wins to be safe. If they keep going at the rate we are we end up on 41 points.


Player Valuation: £2.5m
I really believe we can't keep chopping and changing managers as this, coupled with our poor recruitment, has led us to where we are now.

However, even this patience can be tested if we [email protected] pull out of this poor run soon.

I guess the obvious question would be if he does go, who could replace him?

Don't want to hear calls for Dunc or Unsie, as these are based on nothing but sentiment and that is another factor that holds us back. Both of them need to go away and prove themselves as managers before I'd want to see them anywhere near the club.

So who is out there; young and hungry to succeed. We'l not get someone in Ancelloti's class again; that was a real coming together of the fates. We need someone like Moyes when he first came in, a young, hungry manager on the up. Who is there?

That said, it's not just the manager; whole structure of the club is rotten.


Player Valuation: £30m
Only because we had a game in hand and we're, what, 3-5 points off 5th or something, and couldn't pull it out the bag.

The fact he got this squad in and around there for the majority of the season before the inevitable wheels started to shake is a testament to how good he was

Second half of the season we only got about 23 points from the 19 games (something like that I haven't checked the specific amount). It wasn't great, over a full season you'd finish about 15th on that form.


Player Valuation: £70m
Poor old Corky the Evertonian, desperately trying to deny Rafael has been a revelation.


A lot of people seem to be saying this but it isn't happening most of the anger is being directed at the board not Benitez. The heckling last night was at Brands and Kenwright the chants were sack the board the banner was aimed at the board. Everybody knows where the faults start but that doesn't excuse the manager when he's not picking up points and his tactics and team selections are crap every week.
Yes but all the stories this morning are about the manager needing time and injuries derailing the season. Moshiri, who shoulders a great deal of blame for our current haphazard approach, is the one making those statements.
what did he say anyway? Cant say i have listened to anything coming out of the club for about 30 years as everyone says the same thing

He asked Jim White to tell our fans that Benitez won't be sacked, that he needs time, we've had loads of injuries and that in the second half of the season we will be better. The issue for me mate is that he said it in a text in reply to the text Jim White had sent him about Benitez's position. He should have ignored Jim White and made a statement to the fans directly.

Cork Evertonian

Player Valuation: £40m
Just for the record, I didn't want the fat kopite, but he's been dealt a bad hand, no money and injuries. Rondon is on him though. Not arsed if we keep him or sack him. This club is on its arse either way. I can't see this crop of players having any fight to stay up. All mercenaries on inflated wages.
I'm arsed. This kopite scumbag, is destroying the soul and spirit of this club.

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