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Player Valuation: £70m
the formation...as you know.

…I held fire on criticising the selection last night as I wanted to see how it played out. I could see the logic in Rondon occupying a CB allowing Richarlison to get on the end of anything played into the box.

i hoped Benitez would take a leaf from Colin Harvey’s coaching manual & have Richarlison dropping to support the midfield when the Reds had possession but there was nothing so bright or innovative.

I know the angst against Rondon but the way he plays seems contrary to how Benitez wants the team to play. It’s a bit of a paradox.


Player Valuation: £70m
I’m actually at the stage where I’m looking at the likes of Rooney and Lampard and thinking “why not??”. So I’m clearly at rock bottom here lol

If the board is going to back Benitez they need to make a statement to that effect and explain to the fans what the plan is. The lack of communication is ridiculous when the fans are in open revolt.
I’m looking at a hungry and motivated Steven Gerrard and wishing we had him FFS !!


Please don't call me "Mickey" lar
Thing is...Rafael has a better squad than last season. Bringing in Gray and Townsend improve on James in terms of mobility, pace, and fitness.

We didn't look a mess last season. We lacked quality.

We look a mess now .

Shows how important DCL is too, despite what his detractors would have you believe

One of my greatest regrets from this period will probably be that we spent so long as a fan base squabbling over how good Dom is that we never had a chance to just sit back and enjoy him


Player Valuation: £70m
I’m looking at a hungry and motivated Steven Gerrard and wishing we had him FFS !!



Player Valuation: £40m
I hope we do it quick. Just get it done. Get big Dunc in for a few games again and really take our time and get the right man.
Somebody who will come in, rip the squad apart and start again.
It's time for the clean slate protocol.
If time is called on Benite, I want the board to go with Dunc untill the summer. Then decide then, we need a hungry passionate manager well Dunc is that (lack of experienc, but everyone has to start somewhere) he has been under a lot of managers so he must have learnt a thing or two, hopefully not all bad lol.


Please don't call me "Mickey" lar
Refer to me by my real username and show me a bit of respect like I show you Windy and I'll answer your question.

Doesn't take much in life to be respectful me old china.

He should give you your full title of "Viscount Heracles ForeverBlue 92 IV Esquire" if we're being honest

Anything less would be a disgrace Count

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