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Player Valuation: £70m
Keane and Digne are on the training vids laughing all the time. Half the time Keane is doing shooting practice by the looks of it. Wtf is he doing that for? What are they laughing about? They should be getting drilled within an inch of their life on that training pitch given the form we’re in. It should be nothing but unrelenting hard work to try and improve. Instead it’s ‘Keano’ leathering balls at a reserve keeper: it’s a holiday camp.
Every club, literally every club, laughs and jokes on the training field wether they are City winning everything or Macclesfield languishing in the lower non leagues because it’s how a squad bonds, forges friendships etc and because it’s exactly that, training. Come match day the laughter stops, so I ask again when have you seen the players you’re singling out laughing and joking after conceding on a MATCH DAY? Cos it’s never happened


Super Frank hates the FAT KOPITE
Like I said, I’m not obsessed with keeping the manager, fire him, don’t fire him, it won’t make any difference.

These players are rancid, they’ll have any manager under the bus within 12 months. That’s not me defending Benitez, people re honing in on him so much though they are taking criticism of players who have failed for 5 years as somehow being a defence of the manager.
We were told that this manager won’t stand for that, he cracks the whip and is organised.

Him being around is like pouring gas on a blazing fire

Saint Domingo

Player Valuation: £70m
He wouldn't be doing all these interviews if he was getting the boot.

He's getting Arsenal at home MINIMUM to see if he can get a result and turn the tide.

He’s getting fired against Arsenal. The players can sniff victory, they know they’re close. They won’t play for him, the fans aren’t interested in calling out the players, they just want managerial blood. Arsenal are good enough to punish us easily.

It will be a blood bath and Moshiri will fold.

Nothing will change, but the demand for blood is too big now. The situation is untenable.
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