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Ring master

Player Valuation: £70m
Seems very negative in here considering we all wanted us to lose.
I for one didnt want us to lose, but if we are been realistic we thought that was a good chance it may happen considering the form of both teams and the way Liverpool have scored 2 a game the last 17 while we can hardly score, defend or basically do anything lol - I thought myself 3-1 to them but it could have been 4 the 1st 10mins or 6,7 or more that 1st half, the goal and a little touch after half time maybe give us a false sense that we were back in it- A derby we should be up for but we were not really overall


Player Valuation: £70m
that would be like Trump calling out everyone at Fox
and @MikeH72

oh he absolutely will

the only reason Newcastle fans actually raved about him was because he called out Ashley. But he only did it out of self-preservation, because he's crap. So he complained about not being backed.

It'll be the same here. Obviously, I'm happy with him doing it, call all the jokers out, they deserve it, absolutely. But it's all done out of self-preservation.

I said in September, when Joyce did that a***-licking piece after the transfer window, that I knew what it set the tone for. All Benitez has done in recent weeks is say 'wait for the 2nd half of the season' and suck up to Moshiri.


Player Valuation: £35m
That's the vicious circle in a nutshell mate.

We need a manager to be backed through a crisis to get at sorting this toxic club out.
I don't disagree, but that manager needs to have a clear idea of what he is doing. If Benitez had brought in 5 kids to play in the last few games because he said he wanted to play a high press and our first team were incapable I would support him more. But he has not got a plan, he is finished as a manager.


Player Valuation: £70m
Might well be gone.

But I'm telling you it sounds and feels like Benitez is getting more time. And rightly so.
Didn't sound or look like the Everton fans at Goodison were in favour of that at the end of the match Dave.

Some voted with their feet at 2-0 and 4-1, others braved the entire crap performance to send him off with a serenade of Boos.

Guess it isn't just a few loud people on the internet anymore....


Player Valuation: £70m
I don't think he is a great manager, but I'll throw a few things:

1. Was given 1.7m to spend in the Summer
2. Has had our 20+ goal scorer out for most of the season, plus our best CB and best CM for large chunks
3. Inherited one of the worst squads in the league
4. He doesn't miss kick the ball, Coleman does.

Now, what I don't like from him:

1. Not backing youth
2. Inflexible system - it is not working, where is plan B or C
3. Uninspiring on the touchline - so passive

Overall, do we sack another manager and the replacement has to contend with the first four points above? What changes. The joint needs some form of stability.

It's all a mess, and Rafael has to be blamed for a big part of it, but his cards have been dealt incredibly poorly.

That is not "one of the worst squads in the league" - when its run properly it is easily top half of the table and isn't that many players away from challenging for something. Nor is having no money necessarily a problem, especially for us where most of our problems have come from having too much money. A better manager and a more sane recruitment system will sort us out.

The three negatives are why he should be fired though, he isn't going to change so there is no point in trying to make that system work.


Player Valuation: £70m
Pish poor playing a 2 in midfield tonight - no defence from me.

Made up seeing anger finally directed at Brands and Kenwright though.

Squad once again showing it is utter garbage with mentally weak players - dont even know where we go from here no manager mid season coming in will be good enough to sort this rag tag bunch out.
I can agree with that to an extent because we know they are but Liverpool are just a much better side on skill and talent alone mate, so you have to at least give your crap cloggers a chance. He didn't do that, as you rightly point out.

They were knackered by half-time cause they'd spent most of the game legging it to cover 30 yard gaps in midfield.

Agree with you on Brands and Kenwright, and Moshiri. But I've agreed with that all along, it's never been mutually exclusive that it's just Benitez who's the problem. Ultimately though he is setting the team up, these players don't need any help being crap but Christ they're getting it.


Player Valuation: £10m
Log in to Excuse.com here mate
It’s not an excuse tho is it, it’s a fact. A paper thin squad, not getting backed, and our core players out injured for large chunks of the season so far has led us to tonight. You take the 3 best players out of any team and they would struggle like hell.

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