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Player Valuation: £70m
Getting rid of two of those players was the right thing to do though, and a third made himself unavailable for selection. Kean was the only one that made very little sense even then, though again if he was refusing to play him it was probably better to get out.
Getting rid of James outside of the transfer window made absolutely no sense at all from a squad perspective.

It happened because the club are so f***** financially. I can't pin that on Benitez, but I doubt he'd have even used James if he'd have stayed.

But for a supposedly 'pragmatic' (he isn't pragmatic, he's just negative) manager, I've never seen us this badly organised.

It's not like we're open at the back because we try to attack. We're just a complete shambles.


Player Valuation: £70m
but for a poxy goal we'd have got the same result as Liverpool at Brentford. Liverpool would have beaten anyone tonight. We're just not getting the rub of the green at the moment, but it will turn. Once we can drop Godfrey for Mina, it will make a huge difference just like Doug has improved us. Once we get DCL back as well, we'll be fine
You’re an utter disgrace with statement

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