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Spadge Vernacular

Player Valuation: £35m
I was reading these past 2 pages and was wondering how Benitez brainwashed these posters.

You have to hand it to him.
A couple of RAWK mutants got over the fence and groomed a few. It has been awful to witness.

I hope that we can get two wins this week but fear that the run will continue and we will be looking at a new man at the helm as we enter 2022.


Player Valuation: £20m
I suppose like your mate, you want to see Everton relegated too, and see us as being level with Stoke in terms of stature. 👎

Getting rid of an experienced manager and giving a less experienced new manager no money to spend is a recipe for relegation. I think all of your ilk seem to be overlooking that major point.

You can imagine we're going to attract some progressive manager all you want. It's not going to happen with our finances how they are.


Player Valuation: £20m
For the rumoured 8m a year, one of the highest paid jobs in the league, we could've had almost anyone. We can afford to sack him. We just keep paying his wages if theres no clause in his contract for dismissal and let Dunc take over - hes already on the wagebill- so it costs nothing to sack wafa.

You can't have almost anyone because young managers want career progression. We aren't a good move if you're an up and coming manager as we have no money. 90% of managers need money to improve teams significantly.

It's not the wages that will attract a young manager it will be the career prospects and their ability to do well here. With no money to offer that's a hard sell.

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