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Player Valuation: £5m
Some proper knobheads on here that have waited for the result and are now happy that we lost so Benitez is close to being sacked.
Both idiots are now on ignore.
Sad people who think this is on the manager, not the rubbish one players we have 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️
I suppose the pair of plank are not worth worrying about

Baileys perm

Player Valuation: £225k
45 points has been my target all season.

People thought I was taking the piss. They obvioulsy cant see the wood for the trees. This is one of the worst Everton squads in living memory and now with an injury crisis that strikes every generation or so.

The manager isn't the issue AT ALL.

The owner and his disgrace of a DoF are to blame.

How we're still 11th after this catastrophe underlines how well Benitez did with a half way healthy first team.
your right here dave. thing is theres an awful lot of fans that cant see this and are too quick to blame the manager because of who he managed its the easy option for them.wont admit theres not many managers who could get a tune from the squad we have. they dismiss the notion that its not he that signed the squad of over paid gutless players at his disposal but reckon its he who should be able to make a 1 stringed guitar sound like clapton. 1 player rondon is tripe thats a big error on Rafael. gray and townsend have been decent and at least contributed to the team. the rest are mainly garbage that previous managers got in and were stuck with as the people at the top signed the cheques and negotiated the contracts long deals big money for less than average players who we cant move on. going to take a good while to fix the last few years mistakes.
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