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Player Valuation: £10m
I understand from a reliable source that a sensational announcement will be made very soon. Do not pull the corks out just yet though. My source has been known to get things wrong, but not deliberately. I look forward to your reaction after it is announced.
Cuntinho ?

Musson Grumble

Player Valuation: £50k
Richardson does as Richarlison wants as far as I can see.
Let him go to the Olympics, then make him train a further two before getting a sniff of the first team.
He believes he's bigger than the club (his employer), but I don't see many others queuing for his masterful services.
Looks like I was wrong about Richarlison.
First half hatrick, ....... he is bigger than the club!!
Thank God we allowed him to go to the Olympics.
Now we'll get £50mill on his return and sale.


Player Valuation: £30m
I don’t see these signings as a reflection on Benitez.. it’s a reflection of what the club are having to do to get balance back in the P&L and an acceptance we are further away from the CL than envisaged when Carlo took over. Meaning any more expensive failures and this team is in serious trouble!

Townsend can do a job I don’t doubt (a poor mans Walcott).. Gray is a mystery to me.


Player Valuation: £10m
Watching the training vid today everybody seems happy and some nice goals shown but it's easy attacking a defenceless goal, hope they look as good on Sunday

Not open for further replies.
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