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Player Valuation: £15m
Will his intensity be a good thing for our bunch of charlatans

Lots of outsiders think this was an amazing appointment

Although I have had plenty of texts mocking the appointment, I have had more texts saying he will do a good job.

Lets see.......


Player Valuation: £100m
Benitez wont be handing Pickford 20 mistakes in a row before benching him.

….lots will depend on the back-up options. We’ve got ourselves in a weak position regarding a reliable group of goalkeepers. I’m not in the least a Pickford fan but he’s certainly been the best (or least worst) we’ve had in recent seasons.


Player Valuation: £70m
….notice Pickford saying Benitez has already rung him. Interesting insight, I imagine he’s been in touch with all the players, even those playing in Copa America.
Richy said he has spoke with him , so i would imagine they all have.
If not they are in Finch Farm tomorrow.


Player Valuation: £40m
The only thing i dislike about this appointment is EVERY discussion whether it be about transfers, tactics, formations etc always leads to somebody saying “at Newcastle” to use as a stick to beat him with

he has managed more clubs than just Newcastle and they should not be used as the only measure of his ability
It is the most recent example of his management in the premier league. Why would we use examples from 15 years ago, when we can look at more current examples that are surely more relevant to his current style of management or level of talent.
Olsen is as good as it will get for a GK willing to be number 2 here.
The backup GK market is a funny one. You either do what Chelsea do and sign old keepers on a one-year deal, pretty much signalling to your first-choice that he’s safe, or you try to find a keeper that fancies his chances of displacing Pickford and use that to spur JP on. The potential downside to the latter is you’ll invariably end up with one or more upset GKs and then the cycle starts anew.


Player Valuation: £100m
Olsen is as good as it will get for a GK willing to be number 2 here.

….I think it’s more about finding a young talent rather than somebody who is way past his sell by date. i’m not in the least convinced with Virginia, but somebody of that age. I have no idea who that might be, but Brands is paid lots of money to identify these players.


Player Valuation: £60m
Another article in the Athletic, talking to former players about his management style.

Couldn't get anyone more opposite of Ancelotti.

It might be exactly what's needed, as it's clear anybody without 100% attitude will be out of the picture until they adjust their mindset.
I must admit that I also think it's what's needed. It's very difficult seeing any positives by only reading these hallowed pages. Sometimes it helps to read the opinions of those who've been under his tutelage
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