Postponment of Premier League fixtures due to the death of Her Majesty the Queen.

Wat Tyler

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There is the acknowledgement that losing one round of games is a headache in an already congested calendar but two would present acute challenges. Therefore, the league and the clubs would try to get away whichever matches they could next weekend, with the feeling being that a partially completed round would be better than no round at all.”



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I have seen tweets on Twitter where people are saying they feel “exactly the same right now as I did when my mum and dad died”.


And loads of repies from people saying “I felt exactly the same”.

That is the levels of bonkersness about to be unleashed.

Thank goodness I am off down t’ Algarve in a couple of days.

Well out of this hysteria.
Bloody hot down here in the algarve mate.


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It’s a good time to postpone whilst Pickford and Dom are out. Away at Arsenal is the kind of game Dom bullies them and gets a goal and Pickford has a worldy to pipe down their fans singing englands number 1.

It’s also a great time for the kopites to have to linger on not beating us and then getting demolished by Napoli. The longer they go without a game the more pressure there is on their next one as their fans keep simmering away…


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UEFA really does not care that The Queen died.

I mean they let thousands of Madrid fans travel to Liverpool at the very height of Corona.
They could care all they want, there still won't be a free week to play any postponed Champions League or Europa League games. I'd assume if the British clubs wanted to not play they'd have to forfeit the game


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Calvert Lewin and Pickford are huge misses. We 100% lose that game atbthe weekend with Begovic on goal. We also get more time to get back Doucoure too, get more training minutes into Garner, Gana and Maupay, as well as giving Onana a break who looked shattered. Outside chance Mina/Holgate return for next game too.

I'm not saying they are all in the best 11, but they massively improve the squad and give us bench options.

Then I look at Arsenal, who while having the bubble burst a bit at United are still riding high. Think they'll be back down to earth come January. European games in legs, lot of players at the World Cup, and European games to re start around that time.

The game that I'd rather play now is West Ham than Arsenal. We know Moyes starts slow, but they will pick up.

Overall though, plays right into our hands.
I know I've used these words previously earlier in the thread but I'd call it a proper pre season. The one we never got with everyone in


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He’s right though. Leicester Tigers get decent crowds and you don’t see any Police never mind any trouble. Similar social mix to football but perhaps slightly older…..
BTW. What's the problem if some people don't want to sing the National Anthem? It's their choice. If they choose to boo then boo. Or is free speech beyond the Royal Family


Welcome back Wayne
BTW. What's the problem if some people don't want to sing the National Anthem? It's their choice. If they choose to boo then boo. Or is free speech beyond the Royal Family

I was just pointing out the difference between Rugby and Football crowds, nothing to do with free speech or booing…..
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